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CareCrew Pure Protein Wash & Rinse And Hair Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner

CareCrew Pure Protein Wash & Rinse And Hair Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner

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Hair Smoothening Shampoo and ConditionerHair Smoothening Shampoo and ConditionerHair Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner

Benefits - CARECREW Hair Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner  

CareCrew Pure Protein Rinse Hair Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner silicon-free Conditioner is CareCrew's most concentrated all-in-one formula for strength repair on all types of damaged hair. Featuring Citric Acid, this shampoo contains a concentrated Citric acid complex that reinforces weakened bonds within your hair to improve hair strength. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) is the main HERO ingredient in this product. We’re starting off with Centella Asiatica, a plant that has quite a few nicknames such as gotu kola, cica, and tiger grass to name a few. For centuries, it has been used in traditional medicine, and more recently, it has been studied for its benefits in skincare. That is why it is infused in this product to give your scalp an anti-ageing effect.


• 56% reduction in breakage.
• 2x stronger.
• 14x smoother.
• 90% more conditioned.
• 82% visible reduction of split ends
• Ultimate repair, intense conditioning, and colour fade protection.
• Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, helps reinforce weakened bonds in the hair.
• For all hair types and textures.


  • Citric Acid
  • Silicon-Free
  • Paraben-Free

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Why should I use Protein Wash and Rinse?

Protein Wash and Rinse hydrates the hair and reduces hairfall by strengthening hair follicles with the key ingredients CENTELLA ASIATICA.

How often should I use Protein Wash and Rinse in my haircare routine?

We recommend using Protein Wash and Rinse two times a week for great results. If not, you can use it one time in a week.

How does Protein Wash and Rinse differ from other hair products?

Protein Wash and Rinse has the dual benefits of a natural ingredients with modern formulations packed in a single pack.
It helps to strengthens hair follicles while providing hydration to your scalp making them more smoother, silkier and shinnier.

What sets Protein Wash and Rinse apart from other hair products?

Yes, you can use Protein Wash and Rinse as it is enriched with Centella Asiatica(Gotu Kola) which strengthens the hair follicles and giving them the protein required.
Some more benefits of Centella Asiatica are :

1). Stimulates Hair Growth: Centella Asiatica is believed to improve blood circulation to the scalp, which may contribute to the stimulation of hair follicles and promote hair growth.

2). Strengthens Hair Follicles: The herb contains triterpenoids that can enhance collagen production, promoting stronger and healthier hair follicles. This, in turn, may reduce hair breakage and enhance overall hair strength.

3). Calms Scalp Irritation: Centella Asiatica has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe and calm the scalp. This is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with scalp irritation or conditions that may contribute to hair loss.

4). Improves Blood Circulation: Enhanced blood circulation to the scalp can deliver essential nutrients to the hair follicles, promoting a healthier environment for hair growth.

5). Antioxidant Protection: Centella Asiatica is rich in antioxidants, which can protect hair follicles from oxidative stress. This protection may contribute to maintaining a healthy scalp and preventing damage to hair strands.

6). Prevents Hair Loss: By strengthening hair follicles, promoting blood circulation, and reducing scalp inflammation, Centella Asiatica may play a role in preventing hair loss and promoting overall hair health.

Will Protein Wash and Rinse dry out my hair?

No,Protein Wash and Rinse is a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that provides moisture to the hair and making them more smoother, silkier and shinnier.
The element used for hydrating is Maleic Acid which has:
1). Detangling Properties: Maleic acid can help in smoothing the hair cuticle, making it easier to detangle and manage.

2). Frizz Control: By contributing to the smoothing of the hair cuticle, maleic acid may assist in reducing frizz, leaving the hair looking sleek.

3). Improved Texture: Maleic acid may contribute to enhancing the texture of the hair, making it feel smoother and softer.

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Very good sampoo conditioner . I like the discount you guys give me. Thank you 👍 care crew😊😊